Simon Cowell is a media mogul, which makes him a media magnet, as well. He sees no less than 500 tabloid items printed about him and his entertainment properties in a single year. His ‘X Factor‘ show antics and his love life are often the topics of the press and publicity surrounding the acid-tongued judge. Simon Cowell, Inc. is a well-oiled machine, a brand and a corporation, and as the saying goes, behind every good man is an even better woman.

Meet Ann-Marie Thomson, Cowell’s PR rep, who is the global head of media for his Syco Entertainment. At 33, the blonde Brit manages Cowell’s media empire (and his relationship to the media), the properties of which include the ‘Got Talent’ and ‘X Factor’ franchises, along with his Syco Records label.

In a chat with Hollywood Reporter, Cowell said, “If Ann-Marie calls you at 10:30 at night, it isn’t good news.” He revealed that Thomson is unique since she “understands the relationship that I like to have with the media — a close one. A lot of publicists treat the media like enemies, which is ridiculous because the media makes you. She respects press.” Thomson concurred, “We treat press like a partner in the show. We’re all in the entertainment business, so what benefits us benefits you.”

Hey Ann-Marie, have you read PopCrush’s weekly recaps and extensive media coverage of the show? We’re partners.

Thomson is just one of many PR pros in the mix surrounding the show. The press teams at FOX, high-powered agency PMK and Fremenatle Media, also manage the publicity machine surrounding Cowell and the she show. But Thomson is Cowell’s right-hand woman. While many PR reps are looked at as “flacks,” it’s clear that Cowell and Thomson have a good thing going.

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