A man in Roseville, Michigan claims an angry drive-thru employee at a coffee shop broke his finger in the drive-thru. According to Fox 2 Detroit, the problems started for the customer when he tried to pay for his coffee with a $100 bill.

Allegedly, the Tim Hortons employee grabbed the bill, threw it back at the customer and said "we don't take $100 bills here." When the customer said the bill was US currency and thought they had to take it, the dispute escalated. The employee threw his money back through the window and told him to take it elsewhere.

This is reportedly when the altercation got ugly. According to the customer, the employee slammed the window, he opened it back up from the outside and said "are you kidding me?" When the worker said "yep" and slammed the window again, this time slamming his finger inside.

If this isn't bad enough, when the customer went inside to tell them about his finger, he was threatened by the employee again. He was told she would call the police. Then, as this story just gets crazier, the Tim Hortons employee took to Facebook to complain about the customer.

We have all had tough days at work, and may even lose our temper with coworkers sometimes. I know I have done it on especially stressful days. I have never had a bad drive-thru experience at Tim Hortons, or anywhere else really. In fact, after writing this story I am craving a bagel and coffee so bad.

The Roseville Tim Hortons location has posted a sign in the drive-thru window stating they no longer accept $50 or $100 bills.

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