Dear Sir,

I wish you could have seen yourself. Actually, I wish your mother could have seen you.

The display you put on after our collision in Fenton was reprehensible, although that descriptor doesn't really begin to scratch the surface. You put on quite the demonstration, swearing, screaming, waving your arms, and stomping around in a bank parking lot. It was really something to see.

Listen, Dick, life is full of complications.

And the name calling. Wow. You called my wife five- and four-letter words, modified by the F-bomb. Seriously? Over a fender bender? That's how you speak to a grandmother who's maybe twice your age? Between the two of us, we have six grown children and I can say with unmitigated certainty that none of them would have the audacity to hurl that vile two-word phrase at a stranger. It was shameful.

Oh, and do you remember this witticism? We were really impressed with your handle on current events.

"I hope you both get COVID and die," you hollered.

Nice. That sounds fair. Our lives in exchange for a little bit of door damage to your sweet Chevy Cobalt.

Although it's tempting, I'm not going to reveal your identity. I'll just pick a name at random and refer to you as 'Richard.'

Listen, Dick, life is full of complications. Would you like to know what we were doing in Fenton that day? We were on our way home from U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor where I met with an oncologist and a surgeon about a melanoma. I mention this NOT because I want your sympathy. I sure as hell do not. I say it only to illustrate that we all have things in our lives that we have to cope with.

Everyone has a story and every one of us has some sort of cross to bear.

Let me put it another way, Dick. The person who serves your coffee, someone in line in front of you at a store, that coworker who isn't quite on his game - everyone has a story and every one of us has some sort of cross to bear. But nothing, of course, compares to the agony you'll face having to take that sweet-ass car of yours in for some body repair.

My point is this:  Accidents happen. Life happens. Chill out. Being pissed off is one thing, but the lunacy you demonstrated accomplished nothing, except making yourself look like a complete fool.

And by the way, your contention that it was "all her fault" was not confirmed. No fault was determined and no tickets were issued.

Have a great day. I hope you're eventually able to deal with adversity in a reasonable manner.

P.S. It was cute how you transformed into Captain Cooperative when the police officer arrived. He saw right through your act.

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