After decades of business and likely millions of Slurpees sold, the Creek Convenience Store (Formerly 7-Eleven) has closed.

Shannon Orriss, who co-owns the business with husband Joe, doesn't recall the exact year but estimates that the store at Miller and Elms Roads opened in the mid-70s.

The Orriss family has operated the store for the last decade, purchasing it from the 7-Eleven corporation in June of 2015 and changing its name to Creek Convenience Store. The couple opened Joe's Subs 'N' Grub in 2017. Joe Orriss says there are no solid plans in place but he hopes to re-open the sub sandwich portion of the business in another location sometime in the near future.

The owners cited personal reasons for the store's closure on Facebook and thanked members of the community for their patronage.

Everyone is ok but there were many variables that came into play for our reasoning to close our doors. Thanks for concerns. Life just takes different turns when it feels like it. So we are all ok but moving forward to see what other life has to offer us. And thanks to all those who have supported us for the last 10 years we have appreciated you so much.


We have lots of memories of buying Slurpees with the kids there, and we'll miss that place.

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