General Motors and Amazon announced a partnership on Tuesday that would allow you to have your Amazon packages delivered to your car. It is called the Amazon Key-in car delivery service and will launch in 37 cities, including Detroit.

Owners of eligible Chevy, Buick, GMC, and Cadilac vehicles with OnStar will have access to this program.  When ordering an Amazon Prime package you will have the option to have your package delivered directly to your car. When your delivery arrives Onstar will unlock your car so Amazon can deliver your package, then lock your car once they are done.

There is a similar program available for in home deliveries, where Amazon unlocks your home to allow your package to be safely placed inside.

I personally have most of my packages delivered to the radio station for a couple of reasons. One being theft. I have never had it happen, but have had friends that have. Secondly, I work long days and if the weather is bad I don't want my packages sitting in the rain or snow all day. I would absolutely use the in-car delivery option if it makes its way to Flint. The ease of just having your package appear in your car after your workday would be amazing! Also, I work with my boyfriend, so Christmas deliveries are tricky. they can't go home and he may see them in the office, but he never gets in my car.

Would you try it?

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