It's a call Michigan cops don't get every day. An Allen Park resident contacted local police for help after they discovered a baby alligator in a backyard fountain.

Allen Park Police contacted Jerry Swanter from the Allen Park Critter Shop.

"He was in the lily pads that the owner had, just hanging out doing his thing," Swanter tells WXYZ. "No one can wrangle an alligator, no one knows what to do with one.”

In the WXYZ video below, you'll see Swanter barehand the gator. Yikes!

Allen Park Police did what any self-respecting police agency would do -- they posted a video on their Facebook page.

Ryan Hudge, the gator's rightful owner suspects that the critter escaped when his daughter left the area of the backyard where the alligator lives unsecured.

He picked up the pet from the Critter Shop and says he plans to build a more secure location for the pet.

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