It's a little peculiar, but I somehow like (and frequently find myself) watching cooking videos online -- usually, these are rapid-fire Facebook videos shot from above the mixing bowl or pan while the culinary artist quickly adds ingredients and whips up a masterpiece in about :29 seconds.

I've never made one of the recipes.

Some of them look fantastic.

Some of them look absolutely awful. Like the cake made entirely out of donuts. (Seriously?) The taco shell made from a bacon weave. (C'mon, really?) And chocolate covered pickles. (Oh hell no.)

And then I discovered this little 'gem' last night. My Facebook friend Cathi shared it as a joke (OMG I hope it was a joke) and it stirred up some pretty funny comments, pun intended.

Seriously, this HAS to be the worst online recipe I've ever seen. Ever.

Best Bites published this video/recipe for 'Ketchup and Mustard Cake' and sold it as 'the perfect treat for condiment lovers.'

WTH? Are there people who crave condiments so much that they'd make a KETCHUP cake with MUSTARD frosting?

I've seen some horrible online recipes, but this, ladies and gentlemen, is the winner!

Can you top this?

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