Somebody is DEFINITELY cutting onions in here, so get the tissues ready.

32-year-old Davison resident Luke Reece passed away tragically on September 19th after blood clots traveled to his lungs and heart. He left behind a wife and five children, including daughters Avery and Alivia.

The community has rallied around the family to help them pay for medical and funeral costs, including holding a fundraiser for them at Smokin' J's BBQ. There's also a GoFundMe set up for his widow Shelley and their kids.

But sometimes, acts of kindness don't come in the form of money - Alivia and Avery's teacher at Gates Elementary, Steven Culbert, offered to take the girls to the Daddy/Daughter Dance.

Not only did he offer to take them, but he bought them new dresses, got their hair and nails done and picked them up in a limo.

We found out about this on our Facebook page, in a message from a listener. And we're SO GLAD that we did! These are the kinds of things in our community that people need to hear about - hero teachers like Mr. Culbert.

UPDATE: We got this Facebook message from a relative of Mr. Culbert:

This was a community effort! A mother at the school bought their dresses, another mother bought their corsages, 2 women that worked with Luke donated their time for hair and nails. After contacting the limo service and explaining the plan, they gave Steve a great discount, which was paid for by the numerous donations that complete strangers gave. This was the whole village taking care of these girls!

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