Six seems to be a good number for Adele lately. She swept the Grammys, winning all six awards for which she was nominated, and now she’s dropped $6 million on a mansion in her native Britain.The ‘Someone Like You’ singer traded in her south London flat for the sprawling, 25-acre estate in Surrey, England. The mansion comes equipped with two swimming pools (one indoor, one outdoor), tennis courts, a ballroom, a helipad, a staff cottage and 10 bedrooms. Let that sink in! (We feel bad for her movers, but we’re guessing she’ll tip well.) Adele joked that “nine out of the 10 bedrooms won’t be used.”

The mansion was originally sold for $1.8 million in 2004, but the Daily Mail reports its current worth to be estimated at $6 million.  Adele recently gave Anderson Cooper a tour of her posh new pad on ’60 Minutes,’ even baking him cupcakes in her new kitchen and showing him her bedroom and wig collection. The International Business Times reports that the new home to the Grammys’ golden girl is actually a former convent.

“This house is safety for me,” Adele told Cooper about the secluded estate. She showed him around her palatial house, which has almost no furniture just yet. “This is my suite,” Adele said of a room with nothing but clothes sprawled about. Cooper snarked, “I love what you’ve done with the place!” Her retort was an honest one: “I’ve been busy!”

In addition to all the amenities and room she’s got now, Adele has another reason to love her new house: It’s only half an hour away from her new boyfriend’s place in Brighton, England. Good for you, girl — you’ve earned it!

Watch Adele Give Anderson Cooper a Tour on ’60 Minutes’