Rod mentioned earlier that a new refrigerator will be coming out that will generate a shopping list for you.  I'm not a fan of the grocery store so this will definitely help me out. The list would be based on the inventory inside the fridge.  How it works, is the fridge will use the bar codes on the products and when you're running low it will let you know so you can go to the grocery store.  The refrigerator can even categorize items to keep track of everything in an organized way.

I usually dread the grocery store, so when I go, I only buy a few things so I can get out quickly.  Then what happens is, I forget to buy a lot of items, which means I have to go back the next day.  You would probably suggest that I should make a list - but that still doesn't help me.  What would help is this fabulous invention of a refrigerator letting me know when I'm running low on something.  It can even send you a message on your phone when you're running low, so you wouldn't have to try to remember on your own.  I would never have to worry about my chocolate stash running out because I would have this cool product creating lists for me all the time.  It makes me want to go out now and buy this refrigerator.  Would you buy this product?