There's nothing more enduring than a mother's love. Myles Harris' mother is certainly his biggest fan, showing up out of the blue to say hello to her son while he was working.

A Quick Hello From Mom

Myles is a reporter for TV station WSYX in Columbus, Ohio. He got a surprise visitor as he and photographer Myles Byrd were setting up for an on-camera live shot.

"Hi, baby!" his mom said as she pulled up behind her son.

Harris may not have been as tickled as we are (The video has been viewed more than 60,000 times on YouTube), but you can tell by his sheepish grin that he's grateful for his mom's affection.

Harris' mom Sandi says a quick hello to the photographer before her son tells her to scoot because she's starting to hold up traffic.

The Cutest Goodbye Ever!

In typical 'Mom Fashion,' Sandi blows her son a kiss as she drives out of the shot. It's nothing short of adorable.

Myles and His Mom Go Viral

Sandi tells CNN she was on her way to the store when she spotted the TV station's live truck. So, naturally, the doting mom drove by to see if her son was the reporter at the scene.

"She always wants a front-row seat," Myles says in this video.

Then Sandi dishes a little more dirt on her son, joking that she'd like her son to return the mixer he borrowed.

"He makes girls pies and he uses my mixer," she says. "And then I don't see it for six months."

Isn't she just the cutest super fan you've ever seen?

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