A Florida 911 dispatch supervisor is being blamed for a delayed police response after a woman called to report a shooting. The reason for the lengthy delay? The supervisor was watching Netflix.

A woman in Coral Springs called 911 just before 7 pm on June 9th to report “that something just blew through her car and she said that she wasn’t sure if it was a bullet or something.” The caller had to call 911 two more times and ultimately wound up driving herself to the local police station.

An internal investigation revealed that the victim's original call was labeled a 'suspicious incident' when it should have been classified as a shooting.

The report on the investigation also indicated that computers at the call center were logged into streaming services such as Netflix for an inordinate amount of time.

At the time of the incident earlier this year, the Hilary Swank movie 'I Am Mother' had been playing on supervisor Julie Vidaud's computer for more than an hour.

“The evidence conclusively shows that Vidaud spends an inordinate amount of time conducting personal business on the computer to include playing streaming TV and movies,” the report says.

Two employees have been fired in relation to the incident.

The department's technical team has since made adjustments that prohibit the use of streaming services at the communications center.

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