He's been doing it for the last four years. Yeah, do the math.

A few years back, Tyler Stallings and his mom Andrea had a discussion about veterans and what they do for our country. While they were watching YouTube videos, Tyler stumbled onto one about homeless veterans, and he couldn't understand what he was seeing.

Why are these heroes on the streets?

Tyler then asked his mom to take him to Home Depot so they could get nails and wood to build houses for them. His mom said that they couldn't afford to build houses, but she got in touch with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who gave Tyler a $100 kids grant.

Tyler used to money to put together care packages for homeless vets, and it turned into a movement that extended beyond Veterans Day. He's raised over $50,000 for veterans over the last four years and his "hero bags" have attracted local business sponsors.

Fantastic work, Tyler!

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