Residents in Gladwin and Midland counties are still trying to rebuild after the historic flooding, and one of them got help from an unlikely source.

Dalia is only 8, and she lives in Bay City with her family. Last summer she sold many of her toys and other possessions in a garage sale to make some money. She didn't have anything specific she was saving for according to ABC 12. Dalia's mom said that her daughter made $400 at the garage sale, and was saving it for just the right reason.

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That's when Dalia and her family heard about the Project Vernon Rebuild. This is an effort organized by The Islamic Center of Midland and Midland Area Interfaith Friends aimed at helping Vernon Loree. He is a Gladwin county resident that is rebuilding his home after losing everything in the historic flood. They have set up a fundraising portal here for more donations to help the Project Vernon Rebuild. The goal is to raise $50,000 to complete the project, and they are just over half way there.

With such a big goal, the $400 donated by Dalia might seem like a drop in the bucket, but it's the spirit that makes the impact. The fact that an 8 year old girl took the money she had been saving for something special, and used it to help someone she has never met is important. It's more important than the amount she gave, or the fact that she is on TV and radio for her actions. It's so important because it gives us all a glimpse at the way we should all be acting.

The simple idea of, "If I have more than enough, and you are in need, then I will share with you" is lost on most adults today. Thank goodness there are kids like Dalia out there to remind us of the simple truths we forget too often.

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