Instead of having a birthday party, Armani Crews wanted to help the homeless.

At first, she had told her parents that she wanted to help feed the homeless for a few months prior, but they thought she was joking. For her birthday, they said they'd make sandwiches for them. Armani said NO - she wanted all the same things she'd have at her party.

So her parents spent about $300 on food for the homeless in their East Garfield Park neighborhood - they bought chicken, fish, spaghetti, corn, mashed potatoes, cookies, fruit and water.

When the parishioners at her church found out what she had planned, they put together care packages with toiletries that she could hand out as well. Armani told the local news that it's "nice to be nice."

Amen, little girl! She and her family plan to host another event soon.

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