Yep, it's my birthday. The day of my birth. Big deal? Sure!

I've been around here for 35 years and I have learned a few things that happen on your birthday that will make you smile. Or at least make you wonder about the company you keep.

Mom will take the opportunity to embarrass you.

I woke up to a ton of Facebook notifications because my Mother posed this wonderful piece of blackmail on my wall:

amie.burke via Facebook

Welp, now you all know that I dabbled in the art of cheer-leading before I found my home in the marching band at Davison. Wonderful. Thanks a lot, MOM!

Friends will wish you a Happy Birthday, in the most creepy ways possible

Your wonderful friends will take time out of their day to post weird photos or videos wishing you a wonderful day. This was especially creepy, but I got to say, I love it!

You'll have a sense of accomplishment

That's right! You made it this far, baby! Celebrate the best way you know how. Yes, I am a grown woman who loves silly string. I'm now old enough to not care.