Beauty really needs to be in the eye of the beholder with this one. The listing reads like something out of architectural digest when it describes the mansion on the market for $1.7 million until it gets to one small detail. The home is completely unfinished.

The listing popped up on, originally at $2.2 M, and it was a combination of the architecture and the unfinished business that caught my eye. The home is designed by award-winning architectural firm, DesRosiers, and sits beautifully on 35 acres behind a gated drive. Of course, the estate comes with all the usual suspects of a pool and guest house, but it's the design that is spectacular.

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At a total of 15, 000 sqft of designed luxury living, it is the massive rotunda that will blow you away. The four-level estate features a glass rotunda that is like nothing you have ever seen in a residential home. Spiral staircase, glass elevator, home gym, playroom, and even an art gallery. Well...that was the plan at least.

It was to be a piece of estate royalty once finished, but that's the problem, it's not finished. Not even close being honest. The home is basically framed in, with some windows, and lots of exposed wood. You really have to use your imagination when viewing it.

This listing agent is quick to note that the estate is "an unfinished love story", and is just waiting for the perfect buyer to bring it to life the way it was designed, or even make some changes. Honestly, $2.2 million is some serious commitment to something that may cost you about that much to finish the right way, someone it's a steal.

Take a look at the "blank canvas" that you could make all your own below.

What a Deal? Michigan Home Selling Unfinished for $2.2 Million

I've heard of fixer-uppers, but this is a bit much. This Marshall, Michigan home is truly an architectural masterpiece at 11,000 square feet, with a rotunda that will blow your mind, but...the entire home is unfinished. wall...nada. Is it an unfinished fantastic find for someone? Take a look!

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