It wouldn't be summer in Michigan if some of the beaches weren't shut down for one reason or another.

Even though it has been raining for what feels like 84 years now, it looks like we are in for a great weekend as far as the weather is concerned. We are in for some sunshine and temperatures in the 80's.

Before you plan to take a trip to your favorite beach in Michigan, make sure you check the list below to make sure you're not going to run into any closures or contamination advisories. 

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Michigan beaches with closures or contamination advisories (as of 7/16/21)

  • Park Lake - Bath Township Park Lake Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Ross Lake - Beaverton City Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Handsome Lake - Crossroads for Youth - Closed
  • Cass Lake - Willow Beach Street (Keego Harbor) - Closed
  • Houghton Lake - Denton Township Public Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Lake Michigan - Rogers Park-MDOT - Contamination Advisory
  • Lake Superior - Porcupine Mountains State Park - Union Bay - Closed
  • Lake Superior - Ontonagon Lakeshore Park, Public Shoreline Beach - Closed
  • Carroll Lake - Carroll Lake - Closed
  • Sherwood Lake - Ledgewood - Closed
  • Wixom Lake - Wixom Waters - Closed
  • Lake St. Clair - St. Clair Shores Memorial Park Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Lake Isabella - South Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Otter Lake - Sleeping Bear Dunes-Otter Creek - Contamination Advisory
  • Hubbard Lake - Caledonia Township Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Skidway Lake - Skidway Lake - Contamination Advisory

To keep up to date on all the closures and contamination advisories for the beaches in Michigan, click here to check out the Michigan BeachGuard System. It not only has all the closure information, but also a complete list of 1,224 public beaches and 572 private beaches throughout the state.

Source: Michigan BeachGuard System

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