A teenager from Monroe, Michigan has died after touching a downed power line outside her home.

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Monday's Severe Weather Left Thousands Without Power

High winds and heavy rain rolled through parts of Michigan's Lower Peninsula Monday (8/29) leaving hundreds of thousands of customers without power. Reports indicate that more than 300,000 were still without power early Tuesday morning, as Consumers Energy and DTE Energy crews continue their efforts to restore power to customers.

Numerous schools in the Metro Detroit area as well as schools in Lapeer and Fenton canceled classes on Tuesday because they were without power.

14-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted

In Monroe County, a 14-year-old girl who was out walking with her friend on Monday died after coming in contact with a live, downed power line. The pair thought that they smelled a bonfire and the teenager's friend reported that the girl reached for what she thought was a stick lying on the ground. Unfortunately, what she had seen was a live, downed power line.

Emergency personnel were dispatched at 7:41 Monday evening.

The Monroe Public Safety Department shared the tragic news on its Facebook page.

"Emergency personnel arrived to discover that the female subject was still in contact with the energized electrical line, which fell as a result of a passing thunderstorm. DTE Energy crews were contacted and disconnected the power lines, so emergency workers could attend to the victim."

Authorities have not yet released the girl's name.

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