An 11-year-old Cleveland girl is a hero after she saved her younger brother from abduction.

Julianne and Hayden Moore were playing outside when the man tried to grab the boy. Julianne says she used the lessons her parents had taught her, to remain calm and look out for her little brother.

"When he tried to grab my brother, I knew like this was serious. This was not like any handshake or anything," the 11-year-old said. "I just grabbed my brother and went into the backyard because there was no time to panic. You just have to go with it."

The children's father, Joshua Moore, called the police. Based on the description the girl was able to give, police were then able to arrest a 33-year old Cleveland man who they say had made the abduction attempt.

Julianne tells Fox 8 she was disturbed but glad she was able to save the boy from harm.

"My heart dropped because I know that I saved my brother. He would not be here right now," she said.

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