48% of men agree that a woman looks hot when she...  what?

Wears a Baseball Hat!  Congratulations to today's winner, Tom Twigg of Flint!


Research indicates that shoppers will spend up to 31% more when they smell this aroma. What?

Oranges! Congratulations to today's winner, Sharon Wood from Swartz Creek.


According to a survey of men, 62% believe they will find this in Heaven. What?

Baseball! Congratulations to today's winner, Kathryn Neumann from Swartz Creek.


When people are asked, "What shapes do you see in clouds?" The number one answer is "Faces." What's number two?

Angels! Congrats to today's winner, Debbie Hubbard from Burton.


New research indicates that the more of this one person does online, the less satisfaction his or her partner will get from the relationship.  What?

Shares personal information on Facebook. Congratulations to today's winner, Debbie Purdy from Swartz Creek.

- George McIntyre
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