Teenagers say this is the thing that distracts them most while they're driving. What is it?

A text from a parent! Congratulations to today's winner, Linda Bendall from Grand Blanc.


The average American sees about 4,500 of these a month. What?

French Fries! Congratulations to today's winner, Margo O'Neil from Flushing.


According to a survey of women, 74% say they are happier in their relationship when they get time to do this on the weekend. What?

Spend time with their girlfriends. Congratulations to today's winner, Jane Peterson from Grand Blanc.


Nearly half of all adults say it is okay to talk on your cell phone here.

In the bathroom, gross! Congrats to LaShawna of Flint, she guessed it and for the record, she didn't call us from her "office".


According to a survey of brides to be, 58% won't book a wedding venue if it doesn't have this. What?

Good WiFi. Congrats to today's Workday 108 winner, Kathryn Neumann of Swartz Creek.