Drivers who do this in the morning are reported to get into fewer accidents driving to work. What?

Kiss their significant other goodbye! Congratulations to today's winner, Bob Firth from Fenton.


7% of dates end before they begin, because the man does this. What?

He honks, instead of going to the door. Congratulations to today's winner Mark Fulks from Perry.


This American-made product was given a Japanese-sounding name, just so consumers would think it was made in Japan. What is it?

Atari! Congrats to today's winner, Bob McNab from Davison.


20% of people who say they do this, never actually do it. What?

Work Out! Congratulations to today's winner, Ora Putnam from Davison.


This is the #1 thing moms dream about. What is it?

Winning the lottery. Congratulations to today's winner, Debra Bobowski from Lapeer.

- George McIntyre
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