I'm all for animal rescue, but this one is more than I could take.

A lady in Ohio shares her home with 50 -- count 'em, 50 -- skunks. She operaters a rescue operation called Skunk Haven, the only place in America acting as a rescue center for domestic skunks.

Not only is it a rescue operation, but these skunks live in her home and sleep in her bed. She probably knows skunks better than anyone, so we have top believe her when she says,

A lot of people think we're weird to like pet skunks and they always say, 'Why do you want a pet skunk?' and I ask them, 'Why do you want a pet dog? Skunks aren't the smelly little creatures that people think they are — they're wonderful, beautiful animals. I feel that I was chosen to help the skunks, and I will keep doing this, and I will own skunks until I die."


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