I always thought my kids were smart, maybe even a genius. But even if they were, I doubt I would have applied for membership to Mensa for them. Mensa requires an IQ of at least 140 for acceptance, but the  parents of two-year-old Anthony Popa Urria have the Mensa membership that shows their two year-old son is now a member of that elite group.

Even though he is technically a toddler and still wears diapers, Anthony has been admitted into the high IQ-society on the strength of his 154 IQ. That score is just a little less than the score of Albert Einstein.

This toddler can speak three languages, can count to one-thousand, and solve complex puzzles. Getting into Mensa at the tender age of two is quite an accomplishment, but Anthony was not the first.

American Emmelyn Roettger, also two years old, got the nod earlier this year. (Take that, Canada.)

Would you try and put your child into such exclusive territory if their IQ was high enough?