The weather is as unpredictable as Al Roker after his mishap.  But last night in Genesee County, my first question was, "What the hell was that?"

UPDATE: A good friend or mine, Ron Rhodes, is a meteorologist in Evansville, Indiana.  I had him look at the above photo and asked for him his opinion.  He said, "Jeremy, that looks like a funnel cloud to me. It's hard to tell with a still picture because you can't see if there's any rotation."  I saw, as did many listeners, a definate rotation, yet can't find any solid information from the National Weather Service.

Driving home from work last night, I saw a strange looking cloud in the sky.  The above photo was taken on Grand Blanc Road on the I-75 overpass near Bicentennial Park looking northeast (not the direction of the Kardashian/West baby).  I chased the cloud going back towards Dort Highway and then on to southbound I-75 and took the photos in the gallery below.

To my knowledge, no weather warnings or watches were issued, yet I saw some very strange and troubling cloud patterns, dealt with pockets of extremely heavy rain, and a very rapid and drastic drop in humidity and temperature. During this whole ordeal, my sister sent me the picture below showing the tree that fell in her yard in Grand Blanc Township.

Nikki Fenech, Fenech Pictures

Last night, showed a storm report that only referenced the storm that went through yesterday morning, but no reference to what I saw last night. Today the only mention of it was this: 08/07/2013 0829 PM

2 miles NW of Grand Blanc, Genesee County.

Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by trained spotter. Trees and power lines were blown down along Maple Avenue between Saginaw street and Dort Highway.

So again I asked... what the hell was that?  And the Cars 108 listeners came through.  We received more strange pictures and even a video on our Facebook page.

Arnie Craft, Cars 108 Facebook Page
Susie Dagett, Cars 108 Facebook Page

Did you see anything bizarre involving the strange weather last night?  Leave your comments below, and email with any other photos or videos we can add to this article.