I'm not a fan of winter, but one of its most admirable qualities is that it covers up the mess of the smokers. Pictured below is the "smoking kettle" outside our building. During the winter it is mostly covered with snow and the cigarette butts are lost in the white splendor, but come spring this is what we have to look at and smell.

Of course, none of the smokers actually clean up after themselves. It comes down to who can tolerate the mess the longest, and it turns out that I am the weakest when it comes to tolerance of the way it makes our building look.

For years I railed against this mess until finally I decided to just shut my mouth and keep it clean because I didn't want to walk past it every morning. It is a filthy job, but a small price to pay for not having to look at it every day.

Technically, it probably violates local regulations about smoking in too close a proximity to the building, but that's not a fight I want to get involved in. As they say, choose your battles. As a former smoker (quit almost 20 years ago), I can appreciate the plight of the smoker, but oh the mess.......