Spring Arrives Today – Still Playing Tricks On Us
It will officially be spring today, but just a few days ago I snapped a picture of the backyard, so I could use it for ideas for spring landscaping. Saturday morning I realized that the approaching spring had played a trick on us again.
Waiting…..Waiting….Where Is Spring?
I mentioned weeks ago that I had taken the Solstice out of storage and was preparing for a spring/summer of fun driving. The little blue convertible has been sitting in the garage almost four weeks now, and has barely moved. Oh yes, there was that 83 degree day on a Sunday afternoon three weeks ago …
Man Wins Fight Against City for ‘Flower Potty’ [VIDEO]
Spring is in the air, and I am itching to get my garden all prepped and ready to start planting flowers.  My wife loves the bird feeder and bird bath I bought for her.  She even loves the solar powered lights that kick on at night.  How would she respond if I told her I was going to p…

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