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Video Games Might Be Warping Our Minds — Health Check
Is your kid hooked on video games? New research says simple brain-wiring may be to blame.
Brain scans conducted on 154 teenagers who played video games at least nine hours per week found the structure and activity in the part of the brain associated with reward processing was larger than in those who…
Finally, A ‘Saved by the Bell’ Video Game [VIDEO]
If the names Zack, Screech, Slater, and Mr. Belding mean anything to you, you're probably in the group that made it a point to be in front of the TV on Saturday mornings, between 1989 and 1993. Don't be embarrassed, it's cool.
Before you hit the jump to see the world's first &…
‘Mass Effect 3′ Video Game To Let Players Control Story
The makers of video games are now crafting more sophisticated story lines and creating characters that evolve based on their experiences within a game. It is the video industries attempt to interest new customers and turn around a decline in video game sales. "Mass Effect 3" is one…
Grand Blanc School Breaks Video Game World Record
Last week, I talked about students at Grand Blanc City School who were trying to break a video game world record, while raising funds for Relay for Life. I received an email this morning saying the kids broke the record on Saturday.
Mario Is The Number One Video Game Character of All-Time
According to the 13,000 gamers who voted on the Guinness World Records' website, Mario is the greatest video game character of all time.
The plumber with amazing leaping abilities edged out another Nintendo favorite, Link, from "Legend of Zelda," for the top spot. All told, Ni…
5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Guys
It's an ordeal to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the perfect lady. But, hold on there, partner. It's just as difficult (more?) to find the perfect Valentine's gift for the (he's trying) perfect guy. So we've laid out some obvious -- and not so obvious -- guy gift…

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