Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday: ‘Eyes’
Our theme today on the Cars Classic Lunch is "Eyes". So, we search out your favorite "eyes" song and we roll them back for you during the lunch hour. Be a part of the fun! Pick your favorites from around the office and call them in at (810) 239-1079 or #108...
Theme Thursday: ‘Where Or When?’
Today's theme is about time and place. Officially it is "Where or When".  You can help be by choosing your favorite song from the "Where or When" category, and requesting it today on the Cars' Classic Lunch. You can call 810-239-1079 or #108 on your…
Theme Thursday : Our Theme Is ‘Day’
Today's theme on the Cars' Classic Lunch is "Day". This gives you the opportunity to pick your favorite "Day" song, and hear it played back at lunch..Any song with "Day" in the tile will work, including days of the week. Here are a few …
Theme Thursday: “Song Sung Blue”
"Blue" is our theme today on "Theme Thursday" with the Cars' Classic Lunch! Give me your favorite "Blue" song at 239-1079 or #108 and I'll include you in the fun! Here are a few of my favorites:
Classic Lunch ‘Theme Thursday’ Favorite Songs
Today on the Cars' Classic Lunch we celebrate Theme Thursday by searching out songs that follow the theme of "Streets & Highways". Here are my five top picks. If your favorite isn't here, make sure you call (810-239-1079) or email your pick to me (