Robotic Bear Wakes You When You Snore [Video]
For all of you who get woken up in the middle of the night as a result from someone's snoring, relax because there's something new out there that could potentially solve the problem. A company in Japan has created a robotic bear that will wake you if you start snoring. A soft and pillow shaped bear …
Ladies: Would You Go To A Robotic Hairdresser?
Ladies, how would you feel about going to a robotic hairdresser? Would you be okay with this or would it be weird? Panasonic has introduced the first ever robot hairdresser, where it can massage your scalp while washing your head with jets of water and soap...
The Robots Are Coming…To Sloan Museum
Coming to the Sloan Museum on September 24th: "Robots: The Interactive Exhibition". The exhibition depicts a world populated entirely by mechanical beings, seeking to make the world a better place through innovation and determination.
The Creepiest, Most Realistic Robot Ever[VIDEO]
Personally I have never been that fascinated by the world of robotics, unless it has something to do with medicine. But the Geminoid DK, is so life like it's almost scary, Japanese researchers have blurred the lines between man and machine. The robot has been constructed to look exactly like a …
High-School Student Attends School as a Robot [VIDEO]
Lydon Batty suffers from polycystic kidney disease, which weakens his immune system to the extent that he can’t attend school with the other children.
But now a four-foot-tall mobile telepresence system allows the high-school freshman from Knox City, TX., to be right in the classroom …
Apple’s Wozniak: “We Lost Control”
If you’re like me, you're probably always connected to the world, whether it’s on your smart-phone, on your computer at work, or just relaxing on your couch with your laptop nearby.