Dad Gets Surprise Puppy, Reacts Adorably
You might think that children are the only people capable of being delighted to the point of preciousness at the sight of a new puppy, but you would be wrong. Look at this manly dad, for example. He bangs on a car, covers his face with adorable fists, and does a little dance...
Dreaming Puppies Are The Cutest
If you have ever been fortunate enough to bring a new puppy home, you will appreciate the following video's immensely. They smell like puppies, they are playful like puppies and they dream like puppies too! Check out the following video's.
Puppies Get ‘Rescue Training’ Lesson From Kitty
I have a small cat who has been able to open doors at my house since she was a kitten. I tried blocking access, she would climb over obstructions. I even used sticky tape to try and hold the screen door shut, but she would lay on her side and pull it away anyway. In this cute video, the cat is helpi…
Pets Take on Stairs in Adorable Videos
Aside from being ridiculously adorable, our pets offer up some pretty funny entertainment. For starters, they casually hang out for photo shoots and sneeze to the beat of Dubstep. Basically, if there's a cute behavior to be documented, you can be sure we're on it!
Adorable Puppies Swarm Helpless Kitty Like Zombies [VIDEO]
These days, horror movies come with a lot of hype and rarely deliver the bone-chilling, spine-tingling goods.  Horror writers just can’t seem to come up with an original idea.
Maybe they need to watch this video of adorable puppies descending playfully on a cat like hungry zombie…

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