Have You Been Following The Trayvon Martin Story? [Poll]
The story of Trayvon Martin has been heating up ever since he was shot and killed by a neighborhood  watchman. Several students supporting Martin in North Miami Beach ransacked a store in protest of the case.
Others locally are also taking part in showing support for Martin. Today at 5pm anyone who w…
Are Your Co-Workers Making You Fat? [Poll]
Are your co-workers making you fat? According to one survey, yes they are in fact causing you to gain weight. There's more pressure to eat when there is food around the office and there are times where you're embarrassed to say no to the snacks.
I will say it's hard turning down food when it's laying…
Would You Give Your Facebook Password During An Interview? [Poll]
More employers are asking potential job candidates to give up their Facebook password during job interviews. They want to see their pages to see if they have anything to hide and to try to figure out the kind of person you are.
How comfortable would you be with having to show your Facebook page to a …
Do You Support Domestic Oil Drilling? [Poll]
Gas prices keep going up and it's only going to get higher according to researchers. 62% of adults say they would support more domestic oil drilling because of the price of gas. Would you support it? Take our survey and let us know.
Can You Guess The Celebrity In This Yearbook Photo?
Do you know who today's celebrity is? Born in Honolulu, Hawaii,he is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law Sch…
What Would You Do If Cash Was Spilling Out Of An ATM? [Poll]
You're pulling up to ATM machine to get some money out, but you notice the ATM is throwing money all over the street. So what do you do? I would like to say I would let the bank know but Rod says he would start picking up the money. Take our poll and it's okay to be honest!

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