Do You Still Watch ‘Dancing With The Stars’? [Poll]
Last night was the premiere of season 14 of "Dancing with the Stars." I still love the show even though it's the same thing every season.
Every season I still like watching everyone perform and I think this one has the best dancers yet. What about you? Do you still like the sho…
What Age Should Kids Be Financially Independent? [Poll]
Parents, at what age do you think kids should be finally independent? According to one study, the majority of parents think kids should be finally independent at the age of 22.
Unfortunately because of the economy more kids are moving back home, therefore becoming more financially dependent on mom an…
Who Should Pay For Wrongful Convictions?
A guy from Jefferson Parish, L.A. recently got out of prison after 30 years. He was wrongfully convicted and the judge says he's entitled to compensation for the 30 years he spent in prison. So now the state has to pay for this, but is it right? Should states be responsible or the jury? Take th…

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