pole dancing

Grandma Pole Dancing?
Grandma and pole dancing are not usually found in the same sentence or paragraph, but here we are, talking about a Chinese grandmother who pole dances....and does it well!
Pole Dance Classes For Seven-Year-Olds
Several families aren't happy with JLN Pole Fitness in London for teaching seven-year-old girls pole dancing lessons and then posting the pictures online. Some of the pictures showed the girls hanging upside down and several parents and organizations are suggesting this is going to have a negat…
Pole Dancing; For Jesus
Strip club, that's the first place that used to pop into my head when I thought about pole dancing, not anymore. Some women in Old Town Spring, Texas are pole dancing, once a month for Jesus. They feel God gave them their bodies, so they are supposed to take care of them. Yep, the classes are h…