It’s Oskar The Blind Cat And The Christmas Tree [VIDEO]
I guess this is what you would call a Christmas miracle. Oskar was born blind and has been featured in many YouTube videos over the last year. I first saw Oskar on ABC News over the Thanksgiving holiday. I was going to post a story about him then, but I got side tracked and it never happened. I came…
Meet Chevy – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
This is the first dog that I have ever met named Chevy. I would imagine someone in Mary's (grandma) family worked or works for General Motors, or just likes Chevy's. I'm told that Chevy likes to ride in the car so the name is perfect.
More about this cute little Pug after the jump.
Meet Billy Peanut White – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Most people never get to ride on the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle let alone a dog. Go Billy Peanut, pictured here with his personal driver Larry. I'm good with all of this as long as the next photo you send me Peggy(mom) doesn't show Billy Peanut driving the Harley. Then I'll …
Dog Rescues Kittens Left For Dead On Roadside [VIDEO]

This is certainly a story that could bring tears to your eyes, but at the same time it has a happy ending. The story also has a unlikely hero, a Yellow Lab named Reagan. The canine hero Reagan made the discovery on an Iowa roadside that saved the two precious lives.
The two kittens had been sealed in…
Meet Mia -Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
It's puppy picture time on our Pals with Paws feature. Mia is a three-year-old very active Sheltie. A lot of people call this breed a Miniature Collie but it is not, it's a Sheltie. Take the jump to find out what Mia likes to do in her spare time, which is all of her time.
Meet Diezel Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
This is Diezel the Siberian Husky. He's  the baby of the Sands family at 11 months and according to Amy he's spoiled rotten. Looking at the picture he looks pretty comfortable with his pack position.
Learn more about Diezel after the jump.
Dog Chases Herd Of Deer [Video]
Meet the dog who boldly starts chasing after a herd of deer in London. The owner is freaking out once he realizes what his dog is doing. Get a good laugh after the jump!
Meet Spider And Blue Today’s Pals With Paws [PHOTO]
You can describe today's dual Pals with Paws as the buddy system. Renee (mom) says that if you take one of them somewhere you've got to make room for both, because their inseparable. Find out more about Spider and Blue, today's Pals with Paws after the jump.

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