This video was taken as a film crew was doing a shoot for a Canadian tourism commercial. Out of nowhere, they came upon this most unlikely duo. You have to check it out!

The film crew was hired by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism of Canada. They were scouting locations near Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve when they spotted a goat riding a horse. Let me repeat that. They spotted a goat riding a horse!

When a commentator on Youtube protested that this was certainly staged, and put both animals at risk, the response from Newfoundland Labrador was quick and emphatic. "While we appreciate that this seems like an unlikely situation, there are actually four goats on this farm, and they all ride the horse. the owner of the animals assures us this is a regular occurrence. When the horse lies down, the goats climb on his back, and then the horse stands up. Our video captures the rest.