Tough economies sometimes force tough choices. Sometimes the question becomes "How do I feed my pets when I can barely afford to feed my family?" Help is now available for those furry members of your family!

Sometimes when I do the grocery shopping, I look into my cart and think "Wow...that's a lot of pet food!". I'm lucky in that I can afford it. But what about folks who can't? Pets are an integral part of a family, but what if a job loss or some other financial obstacle means not being able to afford pet supplies? Help is available.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a privately funded group, Pet Food Stamps, is taking applications. The organization's founder, Al Lewis, decided to do something more meaningful with his money when he learned that a close friend sometimes fed her cat before she fed herself. He goes on to say that because conventional assistance programs don't allow the purchase of pet products "millions of pets are surrendered to shelters each year and euthanized because their owners can't afford to feed them."