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Meet Claire – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
If Claire's breed doesn't look familiar she is an Irish Wolfhound. Claire shares her home with me, and her other kennel mate Anne (my wife). At just over a year old, Claire is still very much a puppy, but already weighs in at 140 lbs, big baby. What does Claire make Rod and Anne do, find o…
Meet Rufus – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Dan and Kathy from Flushing thought it would be nice if all of us could meet their little pal Rufus. At three - years - old Rufus is a pretty active little guy who's actually  a little different than most Beagles. Find out what makes Rufus different after the jump.
Meet Ben – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Ben is a three - year - old Yorkie - Shihtzu mix or better known as a Shorkie. According to  Melissa Stephenson(mom), Ben is a fun loving character to be around, who likes to go for car rides in his own car seat. What else does Ben like to do? Read more after the jump.
Meet Quincey – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
This is Quincey, he is a Weimaraner/bulldog mix, at the age of three Quincy is a pretty good sized fella, all 70lbs of him. I forgot to mention Quincey's nickname,' the destroyer'. Sarah,
Quincey's mom, tells us that her boy is a very talented dog, we'll tell you just how tal…
Meet Mona And Nahla – Today’s Pals With Paws [PHOTO]
To begin with Marcie , also known as (mom) rescued her two fury companion's, so in some ways that makes their bond a little stronger. Mona is a Border Collie mix and Nahla is Chihuahua mix, kind of an odd couple, but it works. Read more about these to little buddies after the jump.

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