pals with paws

Meet Gypsy – Today’s Pal With Paws (Hooves) [PHOTO]
Well, not everybody's pet is a dog or a cat, some people have a horse, like Peggy McCurdy. Meet Gypsy, she's six and and thinks she is queen of the barn yard, well at least she doesn't hang out in the house. Learn a little more about Gypsy and her barn mates after the jump.
Meet Casey Jo – Today’s Pal With Paw’s [PHOTO]
Rod and Erin's featured Pal with Paw's today is Casey Jo. Casey Jo has been known to help get his family thru some pretty rough times over the past few years, if you were to ask Casey Jo, I'm sure he would say , its all good. Currently Casey Jo is on a very special mission for the fam…