This is Quincey, he is a Weimaraner/bulldog mix, at the age of three Quincy is a pretty good sized fella, all 70lbs of him. I forgot to mention Quincey's nickname,' the destroyer'. Sarah,

Quincey's mom, tells us that her boy is a very talented dog, we'll tell you just how talented after the jump.He won 3rd place out of 50 canine entries for best talent category in the Blueberry Festival Canine Competition 2010 in Montrose, MI. Quincey loves to run fast, hunt birds, and play with his favorite toy, his football, if you say to Quincey ''I love you'  he starts howling as if replying in his own way. Great dog, if you would like you pet to be Rod and Erin's featured Pal with Paws just send us the info.