‘The Simpsons’ Safe for Two More Seasons
Don't have a cow, man! Life in Springfield for "The Simpsons" will go on, at least for a 24th and 25th season. After a particularly heated and very public battle, the Fox network and 20th Century Fox have come to an agreement with the series' voice actors.
Fox Cancels ‘America’s Most Wanted’
'America's Most Wanted' is officially no longer wanted on Fox, as the network announced Monday that it is canceling the long-running program after 23 years on the air.
The reason: The show was no longer profitable, according to Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly.
"It's been an important sho…
American Idol Rocks The Stage Tonight!
The final American Idol contestants performed songs from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legends tonight on the Idol stage.  I thought it was a rough night for the majority of our final nine contestants.  See if you agree with my reaction to tonight's American Idol performances.
L.A. Reid Will Be a Judge on ‘X Factor’
Simon Cowell has announced that Island Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid will be one of the judges on 'X Factor.' It makes sense for Simon to choose a music executive who has the experience. Simon plans on announcing the other two judges in the next few weeks...

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