Holiday shopping continues today for Cyber Monday.  So if you're bored at work, take a break and buy some deals online.I've never shopped on Cyber Monday but it would be easier than going to the mall and fighting the crowds.  29% of workers say they have holiday shopped online before and plan to do it again this year.  Do you fall into this category?  If you do, what do you plan to buy today?  I know Target has a lot of deals, along with Macy's, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and a lot of other stores.  Since I have never taken advantage of Cyber Monday, part of me wants to check out some deals and make some purchases.  But part of me would rather wait and shop at the store so I can actually see up close what I'm buying.  I know that sounds strange but that's what I love about Christmas shopping.  So If you are shopping today, make sure your boss doesn't catch you!