Most schools in Mid-Michigan will begin classes on Tuesday, September 4th.  That means that school buses will be picking up and dropping off students in the morning and afternoon.  That also means that you need to be wary when you see the bus driver put on the flashers.

You should slow down when the yellow flashers come on and STOP when the red ones are activated.  Children will be entering/exiting the bus, and they don't always do what you expect them to.  Sometimes they run across the road, thinking that you will do the right thing and stop.

Speed limits in school zones will also be in effect when school starts.  Police will be monitoring many of these areas.

It shouldn't take long for most of us to get used to having the buses and kids loading and unloading on school days.  Here's your reminder to slow down when you see them and stop when the flashers come on!

Let's hope for a safe school year!