I have been hosting karaoke in town for almost 14 years.  I really enjoy interacting with a live audience, and sometimes am blown away by some of the local talent.

That being said, there have been many singers over the years that make me want to shove an ice pick in my ears.  Tonight, I have the honor of  hosting a 10-week karaoke contest to benefit the American Red Cross.

What cracks me up are the die-hard karaoke junkies who actually think they can sing when, in fact, they sound like William Hung!  During our contest, the judges are encouraged to hurl giant marshmallows at terrible singers, much like the old "Gong Show."

Come out and support the American Red Cross every Wednesday between March 21st and May 23rd at 8pm for all the fun.  The event will be at Goodfellas Social Grill & Sports Bar (formerly Maxie's) at Hill & Torrey Road.  We will have celebrity judges including J. Patrick, George McIntyre and Erin Bishop from Cars 108, and Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, just to name a few.

Yahoo! Voices published a list of the 20 worst karaoke songs of all time.  Check out some bad singing, then tell us which of the top five from their list you think is the absolute worst, or add your own!