I love this time of the year, as the summer heat ripens raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.  I have a raspberry patch in my backyard.  They are easy to grow, and will thrive in just about any kind of soil.  I have tried to grow my own blueberries, but didn't have much luck.  However, I know a place where I can pick all the blueberries I want and it's not too far away. 

Blueberry Lane in Otter Lake has U-Pick blueberries and they open for the season this Friday.  My wife and I usually go there and pick a couple of large buckets of berries to freeze and use throughout the year. 

I pick blackberries for free on state park land.  They will be ready for serious picking in another week or two.  One of the benefits of running trails in the boonies is that you find things along the way like really good berry patches.  The downside is that you're going to get scratched up and have to deal with deer flies and mosquitoes to get to the really good ones.  That's a chance I am more than willing to take! 

I freeze a lot of my berries, but also make jams and jellies.  If I have any luck, I can pick enough to last through the year.  

Whether you're heading to a U-Pick farm, your own  backyard berry patch, or out to the woods, grab your bucket and go pick some berries.  They'll be gone before you know it!