The unusually warm weather has hurt many of the fruit crops in Michigan.  Blueberries haven't had that problem.  Blueberry pickin' season opens a couple of weeks early at Blueberry Lane Farms in Otter Lake (just a short 15 minute drive north of Davison).

Blueberries are chock full of antioxidants which makes them mighty good for you.  They are also mighty tasty.  I can eat my fill of blueberry pancakes and blueberry pie whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Blueberry Lane Farms of Otter Lake will open a couple of weeks early this year due to the warm conditions.  U-Pick berries are $1.95 a pound and pre-picked berries are $3.75.  It doesn't take long to fill a bucket or two with berries.

Blueberry Lane Farms is owned by Bob & Theresa Bowen and Craig & Alicia Cummings.  The 124 acre berry farm was established in 1949, and offers 20 different types of blueberries.  They also make blueberry pancakes every day, and offer lots of blueberry products from fresh pies to blueberry coffee.

My wife and I usually pick a few buckets worth and freeze them to enjoy throughout the year.  For details and directions to Blueberry Lane Farm, visit:

It's berry pickin' time, so grab your bucket and try not to eat more than you put in the pail!