This week's winter has been rough in many ways, but it's also given us some real opportunities for fun and some stunning things to look at as well!

Enjoy this winter weather re-cap.

The recent snow storm in mid-Michigan was one for the record books in many areas. Words like "snowmageddon" and "snowpocolypse" were born.

Then the brutally cold air arrived and we all ran to google to see just what the heck a "polar vortex" is...myself included.

Many of us used this recipe to make ice cream out of snow and if you drove through Davison, on M-15, you may have noticed this digital sign and it's hilariously inaccurate temperature reading. A few of us even lost our mail box to an overly enthusiastic snow plow driver. Other brave souls took advantage of the bitterly cold temperatures and the generous snowfall to put on bikinis or to strip down to their underwear to take the "Snowfall Challenge."

Many of the visuals that have come out of this historic winter storm have been absolutely stunning. Watch balls of ice gently grace the shores of Lake Michigan, near Glen Arbor, in the video below.

With 115, Michigan is the state with the most lighthouses in North America. Many of them were turned in to breathtaking ice sculptures by the wind and waves that came off the Great Lakes from the recent winter storms. These images went viral this week. Enjoy them in the video below.

It's only January...we have a long way to go until spring. Enjoy!