It's a term that I have never heard of until today..."Polar Vortex."

What is it and what can we do to prepare?

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It's set to be colder in many parts of the mid-west than it is on the surface of the planet Mars, and here's why. It's called a "Polar Vortex", and it's a very rare, climatic phenomenon in today's weather patterns. They usually only exist at the North or South poles and very rarely do they affect North America.

Almost half of the population of the United States will see temperatures plunge to record breaking and dangerous lows for the next few days. Our area is under a Wind Chill Warning beginning at 12 noon today and continuing through 7am Wednesday.

The National Weather Service warns that the next few day's temperatures could be "life threatening" as the Weather Prediction Center warns of a "dangerously cold air mass."

To learn more about a "Polar Vortex" here.

You can also get a very good explanation of a "Polar Vortex" here and watch how it will effect our weather patterns for the next few days in the video below.

Experts warn that time spent outdoors should be kept to a minimum. Frost bite at these temperatures can happen in a matter of minutes and hypothermia can also set in quickly. Please use common sense and follow these good tips.

You should also make sure that your vehicle is ready for the bitterly cold temperatures ahead. Find very useful information on how to get that done when you click here.

Please don't forget the family pets in weather like this either. They will also need special care to keep them safe and healthy. Check out these timely and helpful tips from the Humane Society or watch the video below.