Is this weekend's 16.2 inch snowfall the biggest one you remember? Chances are it is, as Flint has not seen this much snow since April of 1975, when 17.3 inches of the white stuff blanketed our area, ranking as the second-biggest recorded snowfall for Flint. In order to find the biggest snowfall of all time, you have to search the National Weather Service records all the way back to 1967 when 22.7 inches fell in January.

(Is it just me, or does it seem like the snow that pounded our area in December of 2000 eclipsed this weekend's totals?) According to M-Live, that storm only dumped 14 inches on us. (Only 14 inches? Really? For some reason, I remember it being a lot more. Honestly, I thought it was 22 inches...)

And what about the Blizzard of 1978? (video below) I was just a kid, and lived in Northern Michigan at the time, but if memory serves, that storm dropped a ridiculous amount of snow on the entire state, crippling travel and closing schools for days. Did it completely miss Flint?

What do you remember?

This weekend's snow has wreaked havoc on road conditions, and we've reported hundreds of school closings. Now as cleanup efforts are underway, Michiganders should prepare for bitterly cold temperatures, thanks to a Polar Vortex. More than half the US population will see record-breaking lows, and dangerously cold temperatures over the next few days.

Stay warm, stay safe!

- George McIntyre
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